Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Hunt For Apple 8-Track Stereo

What is more rare than Beatles records on vinyl? Try finding mint condition, sealed Beatles recordings distributed on 8-Track cartridges. Yes, the icon of the 1970s can often fetch a few dollars more than similar traditional vinyl.

Today in 42N country's Dubuque, Iowa a local thrift store provided this well worn 8-Track sleeve minus a cartridge. Oh there were other 8-Tracks present but no Beatle cartridges. Knowing that the packaging alone will increase in value from the 50 cents spent, I jammed a non-relevant 8-Track into the Apple container since the sleeve alone was not for sale. I chose the Beach Boys Endless Summer cartridge. The label says its equivalent to 2 8-Track cartridges.

The hunt for Beatle 8-Tracks continues with the knowledge that the market is increasing for 1970s music material coupled with the sheer novelty of the 8-Track format. Nothing like listening to a song, have it fade out at mid-tune, automatically click over to the next channel, fade-in and continue playing - a key selling point and the reason why the format did not survive. Know that.