Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crown Jewels Still Sparkle Over Iowa Countryside

High above the prairie, glass and porcelain insulators still shine from some telephone pole masts. In 42N country these artifacts, sometimes referred to as crown jewels, can be found near railroad lines. While many poles with insulators have largely disappeared over the years, weathered remnants like this (above) remain intact or laying on the ground close to where they once overlooked.

Thrift stores, auctions and garage sales are good places to find and start collecting insulators. Many times the cost of basic insulators is cheap and an easy way to begin a hobby. If you get the insulator collecting bug consider joining clubs like the National Insulator Association and connect with other insulator enthusiasts. Another good resource site is the Glass Insulators Collectors Reference site. One simple way to get started is to collect glass insulators of different colors and shapes -- like the top row in the photo above. Know that.