Saturday, July 11, 2009

Terry Shelswell, Military Vehicle Convoy Director: Patriotism is Alive and Well

The Military Vehicle Preservation Association concluded their reenactment of the 1919 Lincoln Highway transverse of the USA four days ago. The 60-some military vehicle convoy is made up of privately owned jeeps, trucks, cars, and motorcycles which are about 40 to 60 years old. Some vehicles are much older. The convoy began in Washington D.C. on June 13th and ended at the San Francisco terminus of the Lincoln Highway 26 days later on July 8th. From time to time local enthusiasts joined the convoy by riding in their own military vehicle for a few hours, a day or longer.

When the column stopped in 42N country's locale, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (an actual stop location during the 1919 trek,) Convoy director Terry Shelswell talked to the local media. He was interviewed following the debriefing of the convoy participates at the Clarion Hotel parking lot - located not too far from the original Lincoln Highway route through these parts.

Terry's June 21st media interview with 42N and KGAN (CBS 2) can be heard here. Though obviously tired from a long day on the road he expressed a few major themes of the trip. One is the outpouring of community support for the convoy especially among the smaller towns along the route. Another theme is the unique reason why each convoy member is on the trip. "Patriotism in this country is alive and well and is a wonderful experience," says Terry.